"I was somewhat wary to engage your services due to the negative publicity that some organizations have created. I found Home Solutions to be responsive and quite frankly they relieved me of the stress of having to negotiate with my lender."

                               Mrs. Silva                                                                                 of San Bernardino, California                                                                                  

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"Home Solutions did a wonderful job helping my son and I with our loan modification."

                                     Mr. Olivas                                                                            of Colton, California                                                                                  


"Since your company took over,  the sale that was within 2 weeks of the date was completely cancelled, and you were able to negotiate with SPS to allow me the opportunity to save my home. "

                                     Mr. Medina                                                                       of Riverside, California                                                                                  

"Thanks to your hard work and dedication, I have been able to keep my home through my wife's medical difficulties, and later when my payment became unaffordable due to unemployment. "​

                                      Mr. Nuno                                                                                of Victorville, California                                                                                  

"As a client of Home Solutions, I am very pleased with their work. I had a lot of support and help with any questions or concerns. "

                                       Ms. Salazar                                                                       of Corona, California