Much like a refinance, loan modifications make changes to your original loan in order to LOWER YOUR MORTGAGE PAYMENT. However, unlike a refinance, the changes are usually based on your income, not your credit score or home’s value. More importantly, a loan modification can actually lower the amount you owe the bank. 

There are many programs available to help homeowners. Most banks have internal programs in addition to programs offered by the federal government, and the majority of these programs are not based on your credit score, but rather based on your income and your ability to pay. The primary focus of these programs is lowering your mortgage payment so that you can stay in your home.

These programs can help you:

  •  Lower the amount you owe the bank
  • Reduce your interest rate to as low as 2%
  • Extend the term of your mortgage
  • Convert your interest only loan to a conventional
  • Change your adjustable rate to a low fixed rate
  • Delaying the foreclosure process

Most loan modifications include one or more of the above changes, with the end result being a lower mortgage payment!

In most cases, Home Solutions can modify your loan even when you’ve been turned down. The majority of denials result from improper applications. We have successfully modified hundreds of loans, and have experience with all major banks and most of the smaller ones.
Our highly trained staff have a great deal of experience with the loan modification process. 

During the initial consultation, Home Solutions will determine if you qualify for a loan modification, and will provide you with an estimated monthly payment should the lender agree to modify your loan. We will help you prepare and submit your loan modification application, and will handle all discussions with your Lender regarding your loan modification.

Home Solutions takes a proactive and practical approach. We will carefully review all of the details of your situation, identify potential problems and propose effective solutions to help you resolve your matter as efficiently as possible.

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